15 Brand New Thailand Travel Guides for 2020

January 03, 2020

15 Brand New Thailand Travel Guides for 2020

From our first edition of The Koh Samui Guide through today (eight years later!), we hit publish and think "there is no way there will EVER be anything more to add or new to say on this subject". And then a few months pass ... and the research frenzy begins again. Nothing in Thailand is static (and we'd be a lot thinner if there wasn't such constant food-based research to tackle!). Whether you've visited Thailand often, or are planning your first visit for 2020, you're in luck – it's a big year for Thailand travel guides as all the big names are releasing new editions. Many are available now, and the others will be released through the year (and can be pre-ordered if you like to be organised). Happy planning, enjoy!

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15 New Thailand Travel Guide Books for 2020

1. DK Eyewitness Thailand (Travel Guide)

DK Eyewitness Thailand 2020 (Travel Guide)

Besides The Koh Samui Guide, DK Eyewitness is my favourite 'species' of travel guide – their 3D maps and diagrams are helpful to anyone "navigationally challenged" and they're so utterly packed with fascinating trivia that you'll live the rest of your days peppering your family with facts gleaned from this book. If you're curious and want to know "what's that and that and that" – THIS is the book for you.

Released November 19, 2019

2. DK Eyewitness Top 10 Phuket (Pocket Travel Guide)

DK Eyewitness Top 10 Phuket 2020 (Pocket Travel Guide)

While the full DK Eyewitness Thailand book might take you a few days to read and digest, the Top 10 books are obviously more bite-sized. Planning a quick visit to Phuket? This will help you see what you need to see, Marie-Kondo-ing the rest.

Released November 19, 2019

3. DK Eyewitness Top 10 Bangkok (Pocket Travel Guide)

DK Eyewitness Top 10 Bangkok 2020 (Pocket Travel Guide)

Can you spot the Jim Thompson House on the lower-left corner of the cover? That bodes very well for a superb trip to Bangkok – especially if you're tight on time.

Released December 17, 2019

4. The Koh Samui Guide (7th Edition)

The Koh Samui Guide 2020

Look at that little beauty. Our 7th Edition of The Koh Samui Guide is freshly updated for 2020 – see photos here for exactly what you get inside.

Updated December 21, 2019

5. CultureShock! Thailand

CultureShock! Thailand 2020

We've long recommended this book after being famously bad tourists on our first visit to Thailand. (Spoiler alert: don't wear cut-off jean shorts to a temple... I cringe to think of it). A fresh cover and some helpful updates means CultureShock! Thailand stays right at the top of your must-read list in 2020.

Released January 20, 2020

6. Stefan Loose Reiseführer Thailand Der Süden

Stefan Loose Reiseführer Thailand Der Süden 2020

I can't read a word of this, but German friends tell me this is the book to have if you want German-language advice for Thailand. (As I can't vouch for the content, it will surely weigh down the towel you'll use to claim your pool bed at dawn =)

Released February 14, 2020

7. Bangkok in 12 Dishes: How to Eat Like You Live There

Bangkok in 12 Dishes: How to Eat Like You Live There

If I ate I like I lived in Bangkok ... I'd need an attentive boyfriend to buy me a Peleton for Christmas. Does anyone else have a particularly obsessive love of Thai food? If so, let's count down together for this book's release – it promises to guide us through eating tours, food markets, bars and foodie gift-shopping. Everyone to their Peletons! We have until March to prepare.

Released March 1, 2020

8. Insight Guides Explore Bangkok

Insight Guides Explore Bangkok 2020

I love the prior edition of this book – the cover folds out to reveal a sturdy map inside – it's really useful. If you prefer to travel light, your purchase includes both the hard copy and its ebook equivalent.

Released March 1, 2020

9. Discover Thailand: The Big Travel Handbook

Discover Thailand: The Big Travel Handbook 2020

Plan to use this book as a beautiful desktop reference – at seven by ten inches it promises to offer great inspiration, with a focus on historic sites like Sukhothai and Ayutthaya.

Released May 31, 2020

10. Lonely Planet Bangkok

Lonely Planet Bangkok 2020

Knowing exactly what goes into keeping a travel guide perpetually up-to-date, I can only imagine the stamina required to cover a city like Bangkok. Hats off to the Lonely Planet team – they must drink even more coffee than me.

Released August 18, 2020

11. Lonely Planet Best of Thailand

Lonely Planet Best of Thailand 2020

Got a pretty desk? Put this on it. Or, buy two copies – featuring Lonely Planet's best Thailand photography it's a superb present for anyone with Thailand travel in their future.

Released August 18, 2020

12. Lonely Planet Pocket Bangkok

Lonely Planet Pocket Bangkok 2020

While it's hard to tell from photos, this book really is pocket-sized and will easily tuck into any purse. A great reference if you get stuck, want to invent your itinerary on the fly or just want a little detail as you wander new sights.

Released August 18, 2020

13. Lonely Planet Thailand

Lonely Planet Thailand 2020

Is this still the bible? While I prefer the cultural and background detail you'll find in DK Eyewitness, Lonely Planet is the book you want in your backpack if you're doing Thailand from top to bottom – especially when on a budget. Eager to check out this new edition, an update from the immensely popular 2018 guidebook.

Released August 18, 2020

14. Pocket Rough Guide Bangkok

Pocket Rough Guide Bangkok 2020

Similar to Insight Guides, Rough Guides also offers you a free ebook with your purchase. Available for pre-order.

Released September 1, 2020

15. Lonely Planet Thailand's Islands & Beaches

Lonely Planet Thailand's Islands & Beaches 2020

Not a city person? No matter. As with its Thailand-wide update, this 2020 Lonely Planet offering sticks strictly to sandy shores. Available now for pre-order – ideal if you're planning Thailand travel for later in 2020.

Released September 15, 2020

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