The Koh Samui Guide review

"By far the best single spot travel guide I've seen"

April 01, 2019

In just a month since launching The Koh Samui Guide’s seventh edition we’ve woken up nearly every day to some wonderful emails from our readers. Proving that Denmark truly trades in happiness – the following note from our new best friend Claus was a total highlight. "[L]ove all the new pics, best section is food and what to bring (already bought the mosquito repellent) and more or less section 4 and 5."

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The Koh Samui Guide customer review

Dancing, screeching and even high-fiving the dog

March 25, 2019

We have no shame – we'll set the scene. A recent email took us from sitting like zombies in front of a computer ... to dancing, screeching and even high-fiving the dog. If you picture tweens at a One Direction concert, you're on the right track. (Is that a current reference? Are we old?) It was a totally out-of-the-blue, unsolicited email from a customer of The Koh Samui Guide. Here's what she had to say...

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The Koh Samui Guide 2019: 7th edition reveal

It's here! The Koh Samui Guide: 7th edition reveal

February 28, 2019

After months of top-secret updating, we can finally reveal: our brand new, 7th edition, 2019 version of The Koh Samui Guide is ready for its debut. It’s... 134% longer than last year’s version; 14% as long as War and Peace – but much more readable; and why we currently have a four-cup-a-day coffee habit. (Haha it’s actually five).

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