Just Released! 5 New Thailand Books for April

April 20, 2019

Just Released! 5 New Thailand Books for April

Beach books? We'd rather they're set in Thailand. Thai cookbooks? Better if the author learned to walk and talk in Bangkok, right? Jump into these and more this month – with a totally updated 2019 Thailand travel guide, too. As we head towards summer travel season – here are 5 hot-off-the-press books to enjoy this month. Links below include affiliates.

1. Baan: Recipes and Stories from My Thai Home by Kay Plunkett-Hogge

A self-described "Thai-born girl with a foreign face", this book is an absolute gift for greedy people. Discover how to cook complete Thai feasts, or start by erasing all trepidation in the "how to cook rice" section. More from Amazon: "Born and raised in Bangkok, Kay spoke Thai before she spoke English and has spent more than half her life in Thailand."

2. Are We Nearly There Yet? by Lucy Vine

Available now for pre-order! This deeply funny beach book winds up – exactly where it should – on a beach in Thailand. Early press reviews compare it to Bridget Jones (with a little more "FML"), so schedule a few guilty hours by the pool.

3. Bangkok Local: Cult Recipes from the Streets That Make the City

A brand new option in hardback to fulfill all your foodie dreams. Bangkok Local's unique take is its dawn to dusk schedule. For breakfast perhaps "some fried taro cakes (kanom pak gad) or an egg in tamarind sauce (kai luk keuy) or rice soup with barramundi (kao tom pla kra pong)". Snack options abound for the afternoon section, with "late-night stir-fried crab with black pepper (pu pad prik thai dum) and bananas in coconut cream (gluay buat chee)" to finish the day.

4. Fodor's Essential Thailand: with Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia & Laos

We can relate to the joy of a brand new and totally updated guidebook! Fodor's 2019 offering promises a full redesign, and includes sections on Cambodia and Laos as well.

5. Tempting Thai Recipes: A Complete Cookbook of Spicy Asian Dish Ideas! by Anthony Boundy

Get thirty recipes for popular Thai dishes – and a possible means of severing ties with your favourite Thai take-out spot (temporarily, at least).

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The Koh Samui Guide 2019: 7th edition reveal

The Koh Samui Guide

7th edition available now – totally updated for 2019! Your total travel guidebook for Koh Samui, Thailand in a convenient PDF ebook – it downloads instantly.

"I can't come up with a single suggestion to enhance it. It's by far the best single spot travel guide I've seen, anywhere, and I'm 44 and been around the block (well got lost at one point). I'd say it's essential and almost a necessity." – Claus, Denmark

Alex Hammond
In 2012, Alex and her brother wrote The Koh Samui Guide they wished they’d had on their first few visits to Thailand. To their (tremendous) surprise, the guide became “a thing” … and it’s been an ongoing labour of love ever since.

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