30 Ways to Have a Palmy, Balmy, Tropical Christmas

December 05, 2019

Tropical Christmas Gift Guide: 30 Ways to Have a Tropical Christmas

How to Celebrate a Tropical Christmas: 30 Ways to Have a Palmy, Balmy, Tropical Christmas | #christmas #tropical #phuket #kohsamui #thailand via @kohsamuiguide

Oh deer, Christmas is here! We could go for days with terrible Christmas puns – 'tis the sea-sun – but we'll do our best to stick to the script: how to deck the halls for a tropical Christmas? From Santa Baby swimsuits to palm tree Christmas lights – below you'll find 30 ways to pack Christmas in your suitcase and head somewhere hot. (How about Koh Samui? We have an irrepressible bias...). Enjoy!

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How to Celebrate a Tropical Christmas: 30 Ways

Tropical Christmas Gift Guide: 30 ways to Have a Tropical Christmas

1. Tropical Palm Tree Ornament – Deck the halls with a touch of tropical – just add a palm tree. This ornament is 4" tall and, though it's hard to tell in the photos, is made from glass so (as long as your cat doesn't attack your Christmas tree), it will last for years.

2. Thailand Elephant Ornament –  Chuck whatever monstrosity your children made behind the tree – put your love for Thailand front and centre.

Tropical Christmas Gift Guide: 30 ways to Have a Tropical Christmas

3. 'Santa Baby' Swimsuit – Want a yacht (and really that's not a lot)? Start with the swimsuit.

4. Quick-Dry Swim Trunks – Candy cane swim trunks made from six recycled plastic bottles! (Also available in 'Phi Phi Pink' for an extra vibrant nod to Thailand).

5. Palm Tree String Lights – Eight feet of palm tree kitsch. These lights are battery operated meaning they can absolutely be the most bizarre thing you pack for your tropical Christmas.

6. Santa Claus Hawaiian Shirt (Men's) – Just add rum to a coconut and crank up the 'Mele Kalikimaka'.

7. Santa Claus Hawaiian Shirt (Women's) – Have an eye for details? Don't miss the coconut buttons.

8. Fast-Drying Beach Towel – This stripey beauty stays sand-free and dries three times faster than a normal cotton towel. In its travel pouch (included), it packs to 10"X6". When needed it folds out biiiiiig.

9. Reindeer Antler Ring Toss – Brace for impact (and more reindeer puns): this inflatable ring toss actually fits on your head. Because your family has been waiting all you to win prizes for throwing things at you. (Ideally not coconuts, but we don't make the rules).

10. Pineapple Ornament – Let the kitsch continue, once you've embraced a tropical Christmas you can slap anything on your tree. We couldn't find a durian Christmas ornament ... so the pineapple suffices for now.

11. Sea Turtle Ornament – Y'know, to shellabrate Christmas.

12. Corona Beers on a Beach Ornament – How else will you commemorate your most-deserved holiday hangover?

13. Tassel Earrings – Y'know, for all the jingle ladies (all the jingle ladies.

14. Candy Cane Party Gown – This dress is perfect for Christmas in Thailand: it's modest top and bottom, sleeveless for the heat and is 90% cotton (a better option for breathability than many dress fabrics). 

15. Party Flasks – Santa's Flask – Is your inner 22-year-old cackling? MM, mine too. Just add Christmas Juice.

16. Christmas Can Coolers – It’s the most wonderful time for a beer.

17. 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' Beach Towel – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. 

18. Christmas Tree Microfiber Beach Towel – Slightly smaller than its neighbours, this towel measures 30"X60" inches (versus their 74" x 37").

19. Christmas Dogs Beach Towel – If your love of dogs and Christmas is a Venn diagram with complete overlap ... just add a beach to this picture-perfection.

20. Sand-Free Beach Blanket – Tall people! Meet the beach blanket for anyone 6'3" and over. Just like its rectangular cousin, mentioned above, it's sand-free and quick-drying.

21. 'Bon Voyage' Globe Ornament

22. Passport and Boarding Pass Ornament

23. Christmas Sunglasses – Definitely not UV-protective ... but a nice way to shield your eyes after some of that tasty Christmas Juice.

24. 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' Outdoor Cushion – Probably my favourite thing on this list. Available in various sizes with a pillow insert included.

25. Pull Up Christmas-Tree-in-a-Bag – Technically, a packable Christmas tree.  

26. Light-Up Palm Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater – It lights up. It has a palm tree. That's 2/2 on the Tacky Tropical Christmas Checklist. Pass.

27. Ugly Christmas Sweater Tank Top – If you're a 90s kid (and you don't fancy wearing a sweater in tropical heat), here's the next best thing.

28. Poncho Changing Robe (and hair-towel turban) – For use as a cover-up or for changing in and out of your swimsuit at the beach.

29. 'Dachsund-Through-the Snow' Christmas Hat – You didn't think we'd finished with puns? 

30. Festive Santa Cap (all profits to St. Jude Children's Hospital)

"CapSanta was created to spread holiday cheer and to help those in need. 100% profits from MyCapSanta sales go directly to St. Jude Children's Hospital. In 2018, we raised an amazing $26,000!!! Your purchase and support helped us to reach that goal! CapSanta wishes you a wonderful 2019!"

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