Hello! For any and all questions about The Koh Samui Guide, please email me at guide[at]kohsamuisunset.com, or – your quicker option – find your question answered below...

How do I download The Koh Samui Guide?

It’s really easy: 3 steps in under 3 minutes. If you have decent internet, you’ll have your copy in less than a minute after your purchase. The guide is a PDF file: 174 pages and 40mb. On my home broadband it takes about a minute to download, and a little longer over 3G data.

#1. Purchase your copy

Purchase your copy of The Koh Samui Guide, with easy payment options including PayPal, Apple Pay and all major credit cards. Then, you get instant access to your download link.

Koh Samui Guide button

#2. Get your download link

Immediately after your purchase, you receive your download link in two places: 

First, on the webpage that you see immediately after your purchase:

The Koh Samui Guide

Second, in your email receipt (automatically sent to you):

The Koh Samui Guide

Just click ‘download’ from either place, grab a drink and get comfortable and – magic! – your copy of The Koh Samui Guide awaits.

3. Download your Koh Samui Guide

Once you've purchased your guide book, and clicked your download link, you'll briefly see this screen – for just a second or two:

The Koh Samui Guide

Then, you get a download screen like this:

The Koh Samui Guide

Click 'Download' – just once! The file is 40mb so it can take a few minutes to fully download. Clicking 'download' repeatedly will reset it back to the start.

Click just once, and your file download will begin (saved to wherever you save your downloads). Here's what that looks like on my Mac – as you can see, it takes a minute or two.

The Koh Samui Guide

Ta daaa! Through the magic of the internet – your copy of The Koh Samui Guide is totally downloaded, and ready for you to enjoy. I've opened my copy here in my internet browser, but you might prefer to print it, put it on your iPad, or read it aloud to your dog.

One last thing, don't miss the island updates listed in your receipt email – particularly referencing some restaurant changes and new airline policies if you're flying with Bangkok Airways.


The Koh Samui Guide

Koh Samui Guide button

I lost my download link, can you resend it?

Chances are, it got buried in your inbox or sent to spam.

Search your email for 'The Koh Samui Guide' or 'kohsamuiguide' (the subject line and sender of your download emails). 99% of the time it's just hiding, and 1% of the time it’s an email address with a typo – both easily fixed!

To reissue your download link:

  1. Click recover order
  2. Enter your email used for purchase

If you still can’t find it, send me a note (guide[at]kohsamuisunset.com) and I’ll send you a new download email (please let me know the email address you used for purchase, so I can find you my log).

It says that I used all my downloads?

Your Koh Samui Guide purchase comes with 10 downloads – more than enough to put your copy on your laptop/phone/iPad and print it out. If you get a little click-happy and reach your download limit, just send me a quick email and I’ll reset it for you. No problem!

More questions?

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