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Chances are, it got buried in your inbox or sent to spam.

Search your email for 'The Koh Samui Guide' or 'kohsamuiguide' (the subject line and sender of your download emails). 99% of the time it's just hiding, and 1% of the time it’s an email address with a typo – both easily fixed!

To reissue your download link:

  1. Click recover order
  2. Enter your email used for purchase
  3. You're immediately reunited!

    If you still can’t find it, send me a note and I’ll send you a new download email. (Please let me know the email address you used for purchase).

    It says that I used all my downloads?

    Your Koh Samui Guide purchase comes with 10 downloads – more than enough to put your copy on your laptop/phone/iPad and print it out. If you get a little click-happy and reach your download limit, just send me a quick email and I’ll reset it for you. No problem!

    TIP! When downloading your guide, click 'download' – just once! The file is 40mb so it can take a few minutes to fully download. Clicking 'download' repeatedly will reset it back to the start.

    What forms of payment can I use?

    You can easily pay with PayPal, all major credit cards and Apple Pay.

    How much does the guide cost in British pounds?

    The payment processor adjusts the currency from USD to GBP, AUD, EUR, CAD, INR and JPY at the time of purchase.

    On your shopping cart page, just click the currency menu in the top right to see your own currency.

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    Other languages?

    La guía se puede conseguir en español???

    In truth, I had to Google Translate this email. Sorry, it’s in English only.

    Despite that, The Koh Samui Guide been downloaded in 83 countries!

    I cannot emphasise enough that I will not be mailing you, or anyone, an actual book.

    The Koh Samui Guide has but two earthly forms:

    1. an instant PDF download that you can choose to print
    2. an instant Amazon Kindle download (different formatting than the PDF)

    Both are beauties, neither arrive via mailman.

    To reiterate:

    The Koh Samui Guide is a strictly digital product.

    It’s a PDF file for you to download and then print and/or put on your iPad/phone/etc.

    Will you love it just as much as a real book? I hope so – see what recent customers have to say.

    How can I save my guide to iBooks?

    Very easily! The Koh Samui Guide will work just like any other PDF file you want to save to iBooks on your iPad. However, it is a large file (nearly 40mb) so it might take a moment to fully open/download (see how to download). If you don’t see the ‘save to iBooks’ option, give it a minute to load completely (especially on slower island internet).

    For step-by-step guides with screenshots:

    How can I print my Koh Samui Guide?

    Just like any other file you'd like to print:

    1. After purchase, complete your download.
    2. From then, it's just a normal file to print as you would with any other document. It's 174 pages, so you might want to run it on a greyscale or economy print setting to save your ink cartridges!

    If it only prints 30 pages, it's probably because your printer ran out of paper. (Actual answer to an actual question).

    How can I save my guide to my phone?

    Save it as you would any other PDF document. If this is brand new territory, these step-by-step instructions might help:

    I bought the guide last year. Do I get a free update?

    When you buy The Koh Samui Guide, you receive free updates through the entire calendar year of your purchase. At time of writing, I expect to have a 6th edition available in August, 2017.

    All 2017 PDF customers will receive this update for free.

    Customers from any past years are always welcome to update their guides to the new edition for a nominal fee (including a small donation to Koh Samui’s animal shelter).

    If you'd like to update from an earlier version, just send me a note (with your original email used for purchase) and I'll be happy to get you the current edition.

    I’m not travelling until next year – should i buy my Koh Samui Guide now, or wait?

    If you’re already researching and planning your trip now, I really recommend doing so with the help of The Koh Samui Guide. Yea, “of course” I’d say that (!), but I’ve poured heart and soul into five editions of this guide book – with fourteen years’ Samui research and exploration to back it up – and I really stand behind the guide book as the very best I can offer you in terms of comprehensive, pro/con planning tips and totally honest, unbiased advice.

    As much as the book will help you enjoy yourself once you’re finally on Koh Samui (with food, drink and activity suggestions), it will help you to prepare for your trip so much better.

    From choosing the right beach to knowing just what to expect when you arrive, it’s definitely an easier alternative to 504,934 browser tabs and dozens of unanswered concerns.

    In terms of the content that changes from year to year – it’s largely "on-island" information that you won't need until you're there. Much of the “here’s what you need to know as you prepare for Thailand” content (first timer’s mistakes, packing advice, Thai cultural advice, etc.) doesn’t change – so it's great to read in advance of your trip, no matter how far in the future.

    As mentioned above, if you’d like to update your copy in a future year, you’re always able to do so for a fractional amount of the purchase price.

    “Hi guys! Just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU for preparing this guide! I've gone from knowing nothing to feeling like I know Koh Samui like I know the back of my own hand. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, it's truly appreciated!!! I now know everything (and more) that I wanted to know about Koh Samui/Thailand, and you have increased my excitement and enthusiasm for our upcoming holiday so much!! =D ” – Lecinda

    Is the payment secure?

    As for your online security, The Koh Samui Guide's site is hosted with Shopify – they host stores for Tesla, Herschel, Google – here’s the boring tech-speak about their ‘Level 1 PCI DSS compliance’ (that means really secure).

    Do you have guide books for any other locations?

    Sorry, my expertise is Koh Samui and Koh Samui only!

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