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The Koh Samui Guide: Reviews

If we didn’t have this download I really don’t think we would have such a great time. We have booked again next year on the back of a fantastic holiday which would not have been so great without your book.” – Karen

We found it invaluable. Admittedly it was a bit hard to leave the luxury of our room/resort to explore, but we enjoyed tooling about”. – Rick

Planning your trip with The Koh Samui Guide

I’ve gone from knowing nothing to feeling like I know Koh Samui like I know the back of my own hand.” – Lecinda

"Thanks for the great Koh Samui Guide.We are coming next week..perfect guide! Could not find anything decent in London bookshops!!" - Ilpo & Anneli

“I just want to say Thank You for all the information in your book. I really enjoyed reading it. We (my Partner and I) are going to Koh Samui in March and now I cannot wait to go. It was a great read with great tips and everything you need to know.” – Ann & John

“Thanks to your guide I am more excited for my trip than ever, it just had all the information I wanted.” – Michael

“Excellent guide book will take with me on iPad on Boxing Day…. the best guide I have found far better than lonely planet…” – Andrew

Island Expertise: Everything you didn’t know you needed to know

Really helpful information regarding all the things I want to know and lots of things I didn't even think about. - Janey, via Amazon

“After reading this there is so much to do! Wish I was there for longer. Great tips on what to pack and things to do that I would never of thought of.” – C, via Amazon

“We found your guide very helpful for understanding how the songthaews and taxis negotiate—this was crucial for us as we ventured all around the island.” – Luna

It blew us away how good the book was. It covered everything… This book needs to be in as many people’s hands as possible.” – Stephen

“Thank you for a great ‘guidebook’….it has lots of practical info…it was like having a friend telling me all the good ‘stuff’…” – Jacci

Honest, friendly, and easy to read

VERY readable and clearly written by people who have spent a lot of time there.” – David

“We loved the guide – it’s by far the most helpful thing we’ve found on Koh Samui.”
– Anna

I just bought your book (The Koh Samui Guide 2015) and really enjoyed it. The first thing I thought, once I really started getting into it was, “These folks have really spent time here.” It’s hard to find good, reliable, well-written , well-thought-out, easy-to-read travel guides like this one… and I now consider it a wise investment. Great job!
- Jason

Nice insiders guide. Open and honest reviews of beaches and places in Kom Samui. Highly recommended. - Ao, via Amazon

Very readable with great, down-to-earth advice.
C, via Amazon

“The guide is proving an interesting and informative read. The only thing missing was where the good bird viewing spots were (LOL). A bit specialised I know. Now if only we can get our heads around a few Thai phrases we’ll be right”. – RAFAEL [Update: after popular request, bird-watching details have been added]

… And maybe even funny?

 “We love your guide! It kept us interested and made us laugh!” – Kerry

“Very entertaining! I am sure we will refer to all the practical details once we arrive but for now, on a rainy wet November Sunday in Wales, the Guide is a really great ‘spirit lifter’!” – Barry & Melanie

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