43 Ways The Koh Samui Guide Will Help You

The Koh Samui Guide: Travel Guide for Koh Samui, Thailand
Wondering how The Koh Samui Guide will help your trip? Take it from your fellow travellers – here are 107 reviews from readers all around the world. (The Koh Samui Guide has been downloaded in 92 countries!)
The Koh Samui Guide: Your Total Travel Guide for Koh Samui, Thailand

"Read it avidly"

“I purchased your online guide to Koh Samui and have read it avidly and have it as a reference book, now that I’m on Samui (I’ve been here just under a month!). Thank you…great investment!”

– GM, Kanda Residences

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1. If you know nothing about Koh Samui

“Hi guys! Just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU for preparing this guide! I have spent hours reading your guide, and I've gone from knowing nothing to feeling like I know Koh Samui like I know the back of my own hand. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, it's truly appreciated!!! I now know everything (and more) that I wanted to know about Koh Samui/Thailand, and you have increased my excitement and enthusiasm for our upcoming holiday so much!! I don't know how I'm going to wait four more months!! =D” – Lecinda

2. If you want to have an amazing vacation

“Your guide was very helpful and my family and I had an amazing vacation in Koh Sumui. And your book recommendation of Bangkok 8 was fantastic!” – Greg

3. If you need help

“Just got back from 2 weeks in Samui. Your guide was a huge help to us” – Beth

“We loved the guide – it’s by far the most helpful thing we’ve found on Koh Samui.” – Anna

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4. If you're coming to Koh Samui with teenagers

“We recently returned from a teen family trip to Bangkok & Koh Samui. We downloaded your guide to Koh Samui. It was invaluable and I’m sure contributed to the amazing weeks we spent there. Enjoyed by all and that’s no mean feat! Many many thanks for helping to create the perfect holiday and happy memories.” – Vicki

5. If you want a guide to prices on Koh Samui

“Extremely useful and definitely gives us an idea on prices and other useful things while planning” – Helen

6. If you want to make your friends jealous

“SOOOOOooooo THANKS! I just thought I'd let you know that the new edition now will lay on our coffeetable from this date thru the winter and spring and just browse and put envy to whomever visits us for a drink ;)” – Jonas [Note: this customer printed his own copy – The Koh Samui Guide is a digital download]

7. If you get bored really easily

“After reading this there is so much to do! Wish I was there for longer. Great tips on what to pack and things to do that I would never of thought of.” – C, via Amazon

8. If you're leaving tomorrow

“Huge thank you for a fantastic informative guide. We are leaving for Koh Samui tomorrow afternoon.” - Thomas

9. If you're on Koh Samui right now

“Worth the cash – They know the area well, and very helpful packing guide.. in Koh Samui now using it.”

“Your guide is funny and just perfect for what we need. Well done for being so 'real' and thorough!”


10. If you want to relax and stop worrying

“Thank you so much again for making me feel so much more relaxed about my trip to Thailand!” – Jenna

11. If you need to choose your perfect beach

“Good morning from " not sunny ireland great guide : we will finally be able to choose our beach for what need family with months and year old the photos of sand makes it easy unlike descriptions in books website –Dominique

12. If you've already been to Koh Samui five times

“I've been to Koh Samui 5 times now and this is definitely the best guide I have ever used. I hired a car this time (first time) and downloaded the guide to my laptop and Kindle. I discovered loads of great new places including the dog and cat rescue (amazing place .... everybody should go there) and some great new beaches. Thanks to the authors :-) ” – K Fraser

“It blew us away how good the book was. It covered everything.” – Stephen

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13. If you want to laugh

“We love your guide! It kept us interested and made us laugh!” – Kerry

14. If you want to travel with a back-up plan

“Massive shoutout to @kohsamuiguide. We had a 'issue' with our initial accommodation and we needed to find somewhere else to stay immediately. I grabbed my iPad, checked out the guide and within 2 hours I was out of one place and into the fabulous Centara Grand Beach Resort a few minutes away. Has made a world of difference!” – Aly

15. If you can't decide where to stay

“Firstly, thank you so much for your lovely Koh Samui Guide. It helped me a lot in the process of booking a place to stay and to give me a good idea about the island.”

“Very informative and easy to read. Definitely recommend.”

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16. If you want to love rainy season

“Hello! Just came back from Koh Samui and wanted to drop a note to thank you for all your valuable advice. I loved all what I tried from your guide and it helped make my stay more fun. Also, going at the end of the rainy season, your blog and guide reassured me before leaving and helped me get prepared for the rain. We actually enjoyed the end of the rainy season a lot, like you said you did and being fully prepared for it helped us enjoy more! Thank you once again for your hard work on the blog and the guide.” – Cécile

17. If you want to get even more excited

“Thanks to your guide I am more excited for my trip than ever, it just had all the information I wanted.” – Michael

18. If you haven't been back for 2+ years!

“many thanks for this guide! I already visited koh samui for 2 weeks back in 2016 and just booked a trip for 2018. I really love your guide! Good job!” – Caroline

“VERY readable and clearly written by people who have spent a lot of time there.” – David

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19. If you haven't been back for 14+ years!

“Thanks Alex, I so appreciate your help....was in Koh Samui in 2004 so a little apprehensive of the changes, thought your guide looked a great way to get sorted !!”

20. If you haven't been back for 17+ years!

“Hi Alex, Just to let you know that I've downloaded the guide to my iPad without problems. We started going to Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Samui in the early 1990s and haven't been back since 2001. This time there are 3 kids in tow so I think your guide will be invaluable. Thanks so much for your help. The guide is excellent and can't wait to put it into practice!” - Steve

21. If you're totally confused

“We were totally confused where to go, what to do in Koh Samui until we read this book!” – Christopher, Amazon

“Really helpful information ... and lots of things I didn't even think about” – Janey

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22. If you're coming to Koh Samui with kids

“Your travel book was brilliant as it mentioned family activities quite often and places to eat, most travel books have a small piece on families and then concentrate on couples or back packers. I think there is a real need for books that concentrate on families that are wanting their kids to experience different cultures rather than sat on the beach.” - Karen

23. If you want to feel more confident

“Thank you so much for the Koh Samui guide you put together. My sister and I got it, and it's helped us feel much more confident as we've planned our trip to Samui. We go tomorrow!” – Chantel

24. If you're spending New Year on Koh Samui

“Thank you so much, we are looking forward to New Year's in Koh Samui with your guidance...... Merry Christmas!”

“Thanks for creating such a fabulous guide book. I loved every page.” – Tor

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25. If your bookshops have failed you

“Thanks for the great Koh Samui Guide. We are coming next week..perfect guide! Could not find anything decent in London bookshops!!” - Ilpo & Anneli

26. If you're staying in a resort

“This guide is not just for the backpacking wanderlust. My husband and I downloaded this to use on our honeymoon in Koh Samui this February. Gives great advice about local restaurants, bugs, drinking the water, grocery stores, etc. Even if you're staying at a resort this will still come in handy for you.” – Tang Tang

27. If you want to lift your spirits

“Very entertaining! I am sure we will refer to all the practical details once we arrive but for now, on a rainy wet November Sunday in Wales, the Guide is a really great ‘spirit lifter’!” – Barry & Melanie

“Great book. Fabulous. And clearly written by people who know Koh Samui very well.” – V

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28. If you don't know where to start

“We just didn't know where to start when planning a trip to Samui, but after reading The Koh Samui Guide I felt like I already knew the island. This is a wonderfully entertaining, informative and well written guide. It's a bit like meeting up for coffee with a travel savvy friend who knows Koh Samui REALLY well and is happy to chat with you about it for hours.” – V Miller

29. If you need a new 'bible'

“Koh Samui is my dream holiday and I just cannot wait to go (next week!) so just a thank you really for writing my new bible!” – Jenna

30. If you want down-to-earth Koh Samui advice

“Very readable with great, down-to-earth advice.” – C, via Amazon

“We will definitely be taking The Koh Samui Guide with us when we leave next month”

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31. If you're apprehensive about Thailand

“You have no idea how much you have helped me – Thailand is my dream holiday and I just cannot wait to go but was always apprehensive but you have taken all those fears away and I am eternally grateful.” – Jenna

32. If you want to get organised

“Your book has been so helpful in organising our trip!” – Sharon

33. If you want honest Koh Samui reviews

“Nice insiders guide. Open and honest reviews of beaches and places in Kom Samui. Highly recommended.” - Ao, via Amazon

“Thanks so much Alex! love love the guide btw! Thank you.” – Clare

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34. If you want a friend to tell you all the 'good stuff'

“Thank you for a great ‘guidebook’….it has lots of practical info…it was like having a friend telling me all the good ‘stuff’…” – Jacci

35. If you want to learn how to take a songthaew

“We found your guide very helpful for understanding how the songthaews and taxis negotiate—this was crucial for us as we ventured all around the island.” – Luna

36. If you want to have an amazing holiday

“We have just had an amazing holiday on the island. Your guide was invaluable.” - Ruth, via Amazon

“I have bought your Koh Samui Guide...really enjoying reading all the info. How cool to have this resource!!”

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37. If you're feeling generous

“We like your guide so much that we just bought three more copies for our traveling companions!”

38. If Lonely Planet's not cutting it

“Excellent guide book will take with me on iPad on Boxing Day…. the best guide I have found far better than lonely planet…” – Andrew

39. If you love 'inside info'

“Haven’t had time to read more than the first couple dozen pages of the guide yet, but completely loving it so far. You did a really good job, and I already feel like I’ve got more inside info than I could have hoped for!” – Andy

“I cannot thank you enough for your Koh Samui Guide!” – Brandon

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40. If you like wise investments

“I just bought your book and really enjoyed it. The first thing I thought, once I really started getting into it was, “These folks have really spent time here.” It’s hard to find good, reliable, well-written , well-thought-out, easy-to-read travel guides like this one… and I now consider it a wise investment. Great job!” – Jason

41. If you want a fun read

“Just a quick note to say this is the best guide by a mile!!! It was so fun to read and makes the most sense.” – Jenna

42. If you can't wait to go

“I just want to say Thank You for all the information in your book. I really enjoyed reading it. We (my Partner and I) are going to Koh Samui in March and now I cannot wait to go. It was a great read with great tips and everything you need to know.” – Ann & John

43. If you're REALLY looking forward to Koh Samui

“We are REALLY looking forward to our holiday in Koh Samui in November and this guide will be a great help” – Neil

The Koh Samui Guide: Your Total Travel Guide for Koh Samui, Thailand

"My friends and family"

“I have many times recommended your guide to my friends and family to purchase before they arrive, and embarrassingly sometimes their knowledge of Samui is better than mine after reading your guide!”

– Owner, Island Gem Tours

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33 More Reviews

“I LOVE your guide, so helpful!”

“This is a very well written guidebook, which gives a lot of useful information. It gives you a good 'feel' for the island and is written by people who clearly know their stuff.” – J Knight

“Great guide true to island. Found the book very useful for our trip. – r v lloyd 

“I’m using it everyday, it's brilliant - thank you :heart_eyes:””

“I’d just like to say “thank you” for the update and for your amazing guide. We are visiting in July/August for the first time and cannot wait.” – Loenna

“I just bought your guide. I just wanted to thank you for it, I found it really brilliant.”

“Your website has been the most useful thing I've ever found!”

“I am really grateful as it is super helpful!” – Alex

“I recently purchased the online Koh Samui travel quide, which I have found very useful in my planning for my trip to Koh Samui in July.”

“Hi alex, many thanks I have just managed to down load the guide and it's fantastic!!!!!!! thank you so much” – Julie

“Great guide, easy to follow. Excellent tips” – Jain

“I purchased your Koh Samui Guide a while ago in preparation for our family trip in March next year. It’s very informative and interesting, thank you.”

“Huge thank you for a fantastic informative guide”

“Hi guys! thanks for sharing the info about the island! I just downloaded your guide” – Alexandra

“I just bought your guide and it looks great so far! Have just downloaded your guide and looking forward to sitting down to go through it in detail, it looks great at first glance”

“I've just purchased your guide, and its been amazing to read.” – Many Thanks, Farina

“Hi! Your site is wonderful, and was a great way to prepare for my recent trip to Thailand.” – Kelly

“We found it invaluable. Admittedly it was a bit hard to leave the luxury of our room/resort to explore, but we enjoyed tooling about”. – Rick

“Fab!!! So helpful” – C Curtis

“I just purchased your guide, already enjoying the read.”

“I have just downloaded your book and find it very detailed”

“I am very happy with your guide: seems very useful information to me!””

“Just finished reading your lovely guide book for Koh samui! Can definitely see the effort put in, it is very well written:)”

“Wonderful information for our upcoming trip”

“I am one of your happy customers and readers. Totally love your blog and your guide. Your guide is the best, hands down, and your blog brings a tonne of value to visitors.” – Santiago

“I bought your guide in 2016, and it made my decision on which beach to choose much easier! I choose Chaweng and I had the most enjoyable vacation of my life.” – Shivan

“I recently bought the 2018 edition - and thank you, it's helping me lots.” – Sunny

“So happy to have found this guide. not sure exactly how but I did. I am going to download it on my cell phone.” – Cora-Lee

“Hi Alex and Charlie, I read your book in two days! Great tips and love the story sharing writing style you use. Once again, thanks for a very enlightening read about this island.” – Catherine

“I just purchased your Koh Samui guide and have found it to be so informative. We are very excited and feel even more prepared for our trip after reading your guide. A fabulous guide book!!” – Sheila

“I have just finished reading your wonderful guide to Koh Samui. It was very helpful. Thanks” – Patrick

“I have downloaded your 5th Edition of the Koh Samui Guide and I love it. As I travel two times a Year to Koh Samui it was very useful to see new things.” – Philippe

“i bought a copy of your fantastic guide and enjoying it as we leave for koh samui this summer for three weeks.” – Jonas

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