Things to Do in … 2021

Well hasn’t 2020 been a treat? Use everyone’s favourite COVID coping mechanism: add to cart. Fully customise this journal:

  • Journal: Lined, blank or grid interior
  • Monthly or weekly planner
  • Address book
  • 5.5″ x 8.5″ + 4 colour options

COVID-19 charitable relief: “A portion of every sale from this collection benefits World Central Kitchen, an organization that supports local restaurants to heal communities, strengthen local economies, and feed our heroes working the front lines.” (See more details).

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A planner and journal for The Future Times – perhaps the perfect way to start planning your “someday” trip to Thailand? Enjoy! Or whatever is the 2020 approximation of enjoyment. A thousand-yard stare while day-drinking?

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Things to Do in ... 2021