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Thailand: Coloring Book
Thailand: Coloring Book Thailand: Coloring Book


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In our cool illustrated book you will find 30 original and unique drawings that can't be found anywhere else!

All 30 designs are printed on the fronts of pages only, so you don't need to worry about bleed-through if you choose to use markers!

Take a trip across the world to the tropics of South-East Asia without leaving your home! Let our designs featuring the natural wonders of Thailand transport you into a world of adventure with the turn of every page. Whether it is the vibrant and colorful culture or the stunning wildlife, Thailand is a spectacular place. Bring this unique and beautiful country to life with your own coloring and artistic flair. Fun Fact: Thailand has a color of the day – and corresponding unlucky color of the day. This is due to the Thai traditions according to the astrological rule with a slight influence from Hindu. Each day is assigned a color that is based on the color of the God that protects that particular day. More… inside the book!!!

Author: Cooloring Club

ISBN: 1537522752

Number Of Pages: 66

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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