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Quick answer: See an A to Z contents list.

Long answer: Amongst other things, you'll get instant answers in The Koh Samui Guide to questions such as:

Where to stay?
How to avoid mosquitoes?
How to rent a private villa?
What to avoid on Koh Samui?
How to drive on the island?
What to do in an emergency?
Which beach has the best sand?
Where to eat?
Jellyfish? Rabies? Snakes? Scams?
How to get around?
How to avoid being rude?
Where to buy your groceries?
Where to find the best views?
How to plan an island road trip?
How to stay safe?
What to do at night?

Weather and Climate: When to Visit?
Beaches and Hotels: Where to Stay?
Transport: How to Get Around?
Safety and Sense: How to Stay Safe?
Thai Culture: Do's and Don'ts
Koh Samui Basics: What to Expect?
Packing: What to Bring?
How to Get Here: Flights and Ferries
Food and Drink: Where's Best?
Nightlife: Sunsets and Starry Nights
Self-catering: Supermarkets and Supplies
Exploring Koh Samui: Day Trips and Excursions
Things to Do on Koh Samui
Shopping: What to Buy
Rainy Days and Strong Sun: What to Do?
Island Events: What's On?
Birds and Island Flora
Koh Samui with Kids: Planning a Family Trip
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True story: A reader commented on our 2nd (2013) edition that "the only thing missing was where the good bird viewing spots were (LOL). A bit specialised I know". Challenge accepted. You'll now find bird-watching tips and the thirty-four bird species we've seen on Koh Samui on pages 223-225. Wondering whether The Koh Samui Guide covers your particular questions and concerns? Whether it's Koh Samui beaches, car rental, family hotels, Lamai, nannies, nightlife, travel insurance, what to wear, the weather in a particular month, coffee and cocktails, the answer is – very likely – yes. Here's an inexhaustive A to Z of what you get in the contents.

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We do our absolute best to keep The Koh Samui Guide current. From 2012 to today – through six editions – we've never stopped updating.

Annual update: First, the guide gets an annual overhaul (stripped to bare text) with every detail checked and re-checked for January publication. Yet island changes are inevitable: hotels shut for renovation, mini golf courses become bungalow resorts ... the usual!

Monthly updates: As such, each month for the calendar year of your purchase, you'll receive an update email with any details that have changed. Find out how to get your updates.

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To get the most value out of The Koh Samui Guide, I recommend using it as your very first step to get to know Koh Samui – as soon as you put the island on your travel list. Many readers share how the guide helped them to get a good 'feel' for the island. If your alternative is 20,498 browser tabs and total confusion – I really recommend starting your planning on page one!

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To reiterate: The Koh Samui Guide is a strictly digital product. It's a beauty, but it does NOT arrive via mailman. I cannot emphasise enough that I will not be mailing you, or anyone, an actual book. The Koh Samui Guide has but one earthly form: a 242-page, 18-chapter, 45 megabyte PDF file that you can choose to print, and/or put on your computer/iPad/phone/etc. You get the download link immediately after your purchase. Will you love it just as much as a real book? I hope so – see these incredible customer reviews.

The Koh Samui Guide is 45mb so it can take a few minutes to fully download. Clicking 'download' repeatedly will reset your download back to the start – a vicious cycle that will get you nowhere! If you've clicked your download link and it seems like nothing is happening – my main tip is to click the download button (on a desktop) or the file name (on a phone/tablet) just once. Then wait a moment. Your file download will begin (saved to wherever you save your downloads). Please see this tutorial for step-by-step screenshots.

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Wholesale and advertising

Yes! We can arrange volume orders for agencies and group travel. Please get in touch with your anticipated order size.

Thanks for your interest! For the sake of transparency to The Koh Samui Guide readers, I don't accept advertising, sponsors, comps or freebies for any establishments on Koh Samui. All of my Koh Samui research is anonymous and I pay for everything myself as a normal guest or customer. (This Koh Samui-specific policy will mean *zero moral crisis* when Singapore Airlines asks me to review their Crazy Rich Asians suites ... any day now). However – I always welcome information and I'd love to get to know your property. Get in touch! Please send any press packets or particular highlights my way. If you're kind to animals or the environment – I want to know. It will be gratefully received and ensures your business gets on my research list for the next edition. Many thanks!

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