It seemed like a great idea after some Samui rum

After five years' exploring Koh Samui, I decided to write The Koh Samui Guide. The travel guide I wish I’d had when I packed the wrong things, got sunburned and wondered about everything from 'is the water safe to drink', to 'where can I buy champagne?'.

The original plan? "Just a quick weekend project"... Instead? It's been:

20 years of Koh Samui exploration
15 years of Thailand travel advice
8 editions of The Koh Samui Guide

Hello! I’m Alex.

Since 2008, my Koh Samui travel blog and its companion travel guide – The Koh Samui Guide – has helped travellers like you discover the region's very best. As farangs (foreigners) from cold climates, Koh Samui won my family over on our first visit in 2003.

Since then, I’ve been lucky to return often with family and friends – for all sorts of big and little occasions. I hope this means a wide range of ideas and suggestions, helpful to whatever your Thailand travel might involve. Much of what I write today for The Koh Samui Guide is the result of twenty years' trial-and-error – mosquito warfare especially.

Helpful tips, honest advice

Both The Koh Samui Guide and the blog offer recommendations, helpful tips and honest advice for your explorations throughout Thailand.

Together, they offer you everything you need to know to enjoy your time in Thailand thoroughly, safely (and as caffeinated as can be).


ethical travel and cruelty-free products

I do my best to steer you towards ethical companies and travel products that aren’t tested on animals (like my favourite mosquito repellent).


sponsors and no advertising

I don't accept any perks, compensation or advertising for anything on Samui. I pay for everything myself as normal guest or customer.


countries and 50 U.S. states

From Curaçao to Guam to Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia to Samoa, The Koh Samui Guide has customers in 97 countries and all 50 U.S. states.


steps in under 3 minutes

The Koh Samui Guide is an instant PDF download. Downloading the guide takes less than 3 minutes (even if your computer hates you).

"The most enjoyable vacation of my life"

How to plan your perfect trip? The Koh Samui Guide gives you every scrap of my 20 years' island expertise (and it will totally save a rainy day).

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