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Please note that, due to volume, I can’t always respond to specific/individual travel questions. Instead, I hope you find these links helpful.


Due to volume, I can't always respond to specific/individual travel questions (e.g. flight timing, itineraries, visas, etc).
For an immediate answer, I hope the following links and resources will help you.

The Koh Samui Guide

Is The Koh Samui Guide up-to-date?

Oh yes. As a customer, you’ll receive any further updates by email when pertinent (plus a weekly-ish newsletter should you choose to subscribe).

Do you have guidebooks for other locations?

Sorry, my expertise is Koh Samui and Koh Samui only. However, I recommend these Thailand guides heartily: The Best Thailand Travel Guides.

How do I download The Koh Samui Guide?

Very easily. Three quick steps will take you less than three minutes to download The Koh Samui Guide:

(1) purchase your copy,
(2) receive your download link and;
(3) download your PDF guide to your computer, phone or tablet.

It’s a digital guidebook so you’ll never wait for shipping. The instructions were tested on a real live Baby Boomer.

I lost my download link, can you resend it?

No problem. First, search your email for 'The Koh Samui Guide'. If you don't see it, you can easily re-issue your download link. (Enter your email used for purchase and you’ll be immediately reunited!). If you still can’t find it: Not to worry. On rare occasions, customers have made orders with a typo (''). Just send me a note and I’ll send you a new download email: support[at]

Business Enquiries

Sponsorship/Advertising? How do I get my business in The Koh Samui Guide?

Thanks for your interest. For the sake of transparency to The Koh Samui Guide readers, I don't accept advertising, sponsors, comps or freebies for any establishments on Koh Samui. Ever. All of my Koh Samui research is anonymous and I pay for everything myself as a normal guest or customer.

However – I always welcome information and I'd love to get to know your property. Please send any press packets, details or particular highlights my way: alex[at]

P.S. If you're kind to animals or the environment – I want to know. It will be gratefully received and will be saved with my research material for the next edition or future blog content.

Guest posts?

I research and write every post myself, so I don’t accept guest posts.

Still have a question?

If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, send me a note at: alex[at] If it’s something I can help with, I'll try my best to get back to you. I wish I had the time to respond to every email but it's not often possible. Thanks!

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