Koh Samui
April 16, 2024

Koh Samui in June: What to expect

Excited to visit Koh Samui in June? Read on for what to expect, events, weather, packing tips and more.

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Koh Samui in June

A June afternoon at SALA Samui Choengmon Beach Resort

Do you still associate June with the start of summer vacation, endless days of swimming, and practically living on popsicles? Remember the days? Koh Samui in June will easily accommodate all of the above – and pretty much anything else you need from a well-earned break. Read on for what to expect, events, weather, packing tips and more.

Is June a good time to visit Koh Samui?

Yes! To truly get your money’s worth from a Samui trip, come in June and enjoy the longest days of the year. As for the weather, expect sunshine and lots of it. Samui’s climate has its hot and cool points and June is just about perfect.

Koh Samui questions? Start here

The Koh Samui Guide: Ready for research? If you’re just starting to plan your June visit to Thailand, easily plan your Samui trip to perfection with The Koh Samui Guide.

Where to stay in June

My pick: Melia Koh Samui

Melia Koh Samui

If you're coming as a family and need to be on, in, or near water at all times, Melia will delight you (and your kids particularly). Pool access rooms lead directly into the water. There's also a 700-metre lazy river (aka The Loop Pool), a mini water park and shallow-entry spots for paddling. Bonus points: Melia won #1 Luxury Beachfront Resort in the World at last year's World Luxury Hotel Awards.

See Rates + Details

Hotel Tip: Don’t miss the boat suites at Melia– totally updated from the original boathouses in much brighter and airy tones. A favourite feature of these suites? Trampoline-style loungers built into the second-floor balcony. Another option? Pool Access rooms that open directly on to Melia's lazy river.

More hotel ideas

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For an easy introduction to Koh Samui's beaches – with or without children – start here:

What to pack for June

1. Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

Take a quick look at Thailand’s location in relation to the equator – the Thai sunshine can do serious damage to your skin in minutes flat. Don't miss my sun safety tips (all recommended sunscreen is cruelty-free and I've tested it myself in Thai heat and humidity).

2. Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

Absolutely the best trick in the book. Put mosquito protection ‘up your sleeve’. Mosquito-repelling bracelets are the easiest, laziest way to protect yourself.

3. The Koh Samui Guide

Enjoy every second of Samui: Get every tip I’ve got in The Koh Samui Guide. Dive into Koh Samui’s best. The guide gives you the total sum of my 20 years’ Samui expertise. Use it to find Samui’s best food, drink and things to do, plus get perfect preparation and crucial safety tips.

4. Sun Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen

Given the long days and promise of gorgeous sunshine in June, make sure you bring cover-ups for the sun and quality sunscreen that will last when you’re in and around water. I particularly recommend a water-resistant, reef-friendly sunscreen with a high SPF. A giant sun hat is crucial if you burn easily (or, y'know, don't want wrinkles). Finally,  a UPF rash guard or swim top is ideal to wear when snorkelling or kayaking.

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For a quick head-start, your Koh Samui packing should definitely include clever mosquito protection, slip-off shoes and lots of linen.

Weather in June

A sunny June day at Belmond Napasai

June averages

  • Temperature: 29°C / 84°F
  • Sunshine (hours/day): 6
  • Rainy days: 9 days (100 mm / 4 inches)
  • Sea temperature: 28°C / 82°F

How much does it rain on Koh Samui in June?

Will it rain in June? Probably! A short, sharp tropical shower isn’t unusual – a great excuse to cool off under an umbrella or on a deck with a good book and a cold Thai beer. Taking averages at face value, June has less rainfall (by volume) than May or July but it occurs over a similar time period.

How hot is it on Koh Samui in June?

Average temperatures for the month range between 25 to 32 degrees Celsius (77 to 90 Fahrenheit) give or take. Don't discount Thailand's considerable humidity though – mentally add a few degrees to account for the exact opposite of "dry heat".

June events calendar

Early June in Koh Samui

June 2024 events

This June, you get not just one but two chances to enjoy Samui in running shoes. For the night-time neon run, grab your brightest gear and some glow sticks and enjoy a flat 5km beach loop through Chaweng. Later in the month, the Bangkok Airways Samui Half Marathon (and corollary kids' race, 5k and 10k options) starts early – super early – to beat the heat. The half marathon course starts in Chaweng and heads clockwise to Bophut, Bang Rak, Plai Laem and Choeng Mon before the loop finishes in in Chaweng. A race t-shirt and finisher medal make a one-off Samui souvenir. (Tip – You also earn a few extra Bangkok Airways miles for participating in any of the events, whether the 5k or the  half).

Your June FAQs

Enjoy June's long days: Just after sunrise on Choeng Mon Beach

The Koh Samui Guide: I often say that The Koh Samui Guide is ‘the guide I wish I’d had’ from the start. But my ‘live and learn’ first trip to Koh Samui was still a perfect vacation‚ as, I hope, yours will be. Still, if you want the cheat-sheet to enjoy Samui like total pros‚ I’ve literally written the manual. Enjoy!

What are the beaches like on Koh Samui in June?

They are pret-ty nice. Here’s why I like them: they’re typically really quiet. Scrolling through my little stockpile of June photos, it’s evident how few people are around (even in the normal olden days before Covid). You’ll have a great choice of sun-beds and can likely enjoy Samui's best sunset spots without crowds.

Koh Samui parties in June?

SEEN Beach Club at Avani Chaweng Samui

Love a crowd? Any of the venues above are a great place to start any and all day-drinking ambitions.

Is June or July better on Koh Samui?

Side by side, they stack up very similarly in terms of weather (July gets an average 20mm or a scant inch more rain, according to The Statistics). However, from anecdotal experience, July is busier than June owing to school holidays.

Is Koh Samui or Phuket better in June?

Choose Samui over Phuket in June (or always, y’know, just to foster an unwarranted bias...). Koh Samui and Phuket’s different climates catch many travellers out. Sun-seekers will be better off in Phuket at some times of the year, but June is not one of them.

  • Temperature (avg): 29°C on Koh Samui vs 29°C in Phuket
  • Sunshine (hours): 6 on Koh Samui vs 7 in Phuket
  • Rainy days (avg): 9 days (100 mm) on Koh Samui vs 18 days (249 mm) in Phuket
  • Sea temperature: 28°C on Koh Samui vs 39°C in Phuket
A perfect June day at Am Samui Resort Taling Ngam

What are hotel rates like for Koh Samui in June? How do they compare between June and July?

This is by no means statistical science – just the quickest reference point using four different hotels, at their best available rate. However, it doesn't disprove my feeling that July is busier on the island. Not an exhaustive study, but certain indication that hotels know when your kids are on vacation (and not too much change at resorts that market to couples).



Between the four hotels, June over July rates range from 88% to 136%. Rates via Booking.com for a random night in June 2024.

Can I swim in the sea on Koh Samui in June?

Barring any notices or common sense indications that things are otherwise, ocean-swimming-people will like the temperature and the typically gentle conditions at this time of year. Note that you're totally on your own for safety and any judgement calls – you won't find lifeguards on Samui beaches – so please be careful as rip tides and jellyfish are known in the area. Caveat emptor, caveat emptor ....

A hazy but otherwise calm June morning on Choeng Mon Beach

When are sunrise and sunset on Koh Samui in June? What time does it get dark?

Sunrise on June 1st happens at 5:59 am, with sunset not until 6:37 pm (with July 1st five and seven minutes later, respectively).

What fruits are in season on Koh Samui in June?

Guys, it’s rambutan season: the most striking Thai fruit is at its juiciest in summer. They’re here by the bucket-load, for pennies a pound. Come hungry – rambutans are packed with Vitamin C. As for Vitamin D? Well... that’s perhaps not a problem.

June is rambutan season – find them for sale from trucks on the ring road

Is June a good time for a wedding or honeymoon on Koh Samui?

June is indeed a popular wedding month on Samui. Whether you’re getting married on Koh Samui, coming as a happy honeymooner or attending a Samui destination wedding as a lucky guest – you’re assured of sunshine and lots of smiles.

Koh Samui in June

Time travel: Koh Samui in June 2015

The Koh Samui Guide: Right, let’s get ‘Best Ever’ started. Ready with honest advice about all your big (and little) questions, The Koh Samui Guide has everything you need for the fun part, too. It will help you to be as intrepid or as lazy as you like, whether on the high seas or at the island’s best spas. Enjoy!

“I bought a copy of your fantastic guide and enjoying it as we leave for koh samui this summer for three weeks.” – Jonas

Weather details via Weather Spark, which promises that “snow is exceptionally unlikely to fall at this location in June”.