Koh Samui
August 2, 2023

Koh Samui in October: What to expect

Is October a good time to visit Koh Samui? Where to stay? What to pack? What's on the October events calendar? Find out...

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Koh Samui in October

A perfect late October day on Koh Samui

With generally fantastic temperatures (far more bearable than scorching April/May) I really love Koh Samui in October. Here's what's in store for you...

Is October a good time to visit Koh Samui?

Yes! It's a quiet time on the island and a glorious time of year. As I review my time on Koh Samui from 2003 to now, I noticed that more than a few of my ‘best ever’, favourite photos were taken in October.

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The Koh Samui Guide: For all the tips, ideas and honest advice you need to make reality exceed expectations, The Koh Samui Guide is the best help your upcoming holiday can have.

Where to stay in October

My pick: Garrya Tongsai Bay Samui

Garrya Tongsai Bay Samui

Have you seen Garry Tongsai Bay’s enormous bath tubs? Some are inside, many are outside. Most of the year, it's way too hot to want a bath. That's your October victory. In case the weather prevents you from enjoying the swimming pool, come prepared with an indulgent kit of bath stuff. Water will happen on your terms.

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Hotel Tip: Start planning where to stay, with the smug knowledge you'll enjoy a much quieter hotel pool than at other times of the year.

More hotel ideas

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What to pack for October

1. Murphy's Naturals Insect Repellent

Recommended year-round in Thailand – but especially so coming into rainy season. You’ll want to pack mosquito repellent for Thailand, ideally a variety of defence mechanisms. Not just bug spray, but water repellent bracelets, and clever, packable devices to keep in your hotel room. You’ll also want to learn about the ins and outs of using DEET versus a natural/non-toxic repellent. For a total crash course about all of the above, please see how to avoid mosquitoes in Thailand.

2. The Koh Samui Guide

I often say that The Koh Samui Guide is ‘the guide I wish I’d had’ from the start. But my ‘live and learn’ first trip to Koh Samui was still a perfect vacation‚ as I hope yours will be. Still, if you want the cheat-sheet to enjoy Samui like total pros‚ I’ve literally written the manual.

3. Seasickness Wristband

Boat trips, bus trips and more: Either Sea-Bands or Dramamine (or both) are ideal to have as a just-in-case. If you’re planning boat trips in Thailand but 'never get seasick' note that ocean conditions can change quickly and what looks like a calm day from, say, a Koh Samui beach can get choppy as you head into open water towards, perhaps, Koh Tao.

4. Travel Pillow

London to Koh Samui? Nearly 15 hours. Sydney to Samui? Roughly twelve and a half hours. So let’s assume, wherever you’re headed in Thailand, you have a l-o-n-g flight ahead of you. (It’s worth it!) My new best friend in long-haul: this strange travel pillow. Functionally, it's a neck brace hidden in a fleecey scarf. And it's the first thing in my carry-on from now 'til eternity. No more floppy head nightmare naps. Instead, actual sleep. Adding an eye mask is a bold look, but you have my full encouragement.

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Weather in October

A warm but typically cloudy October day at Melia Koh Samui

October averages

  • Temperature: 27°C / 81°F
  • Sunshine (hours/day): 6
  • Rainy days: 16 days (290 mm / 11 inches)
  • Sea temperature: 27°C / 81°F

What’s the weather like on Koh Samui in October?

While Koh Samui's rainy season can make an appearance from mid-October onwards, it tends to save its soggiest tricks for November, into December.

Is it sunny on Koh Samui in October?

I’m pretty good at Google, but I’m not clairvoyant. So beyond using the phrase ‘it tends to be...’, I can only remind that nature doesn’t follow an exact template. Thailand wants to be nice and sunny and warm for your perfect beach holiday – and you could very well get your wish – but its tropical plants do need water. In full truthiness, October is (on average) the cloudiest month of the year, though this rarely means grey days and Eeyore skies.

Some mid October sunshine at Kimpton Kitalay Samui

How much does it rain on Koh Samui in October?

Expect it to rain at least once during your trip, with the worst case looking more like what Forrest Gump calls ‘big, ol’ fat rain’, especially later in the month. (Typical November weather? I call that more of a Jurassic Park experience). My theme here is that ‘I love Koh Samui, no matter the weather'. Should you have bad weather luck, see my ideas for rainy day activities – and welcome to the club.

October events calendar

A cloudy but otherwise perfect October day at Holiday Inn Resort Samui Bophut Beach

October 2023 events

Your October FAQs

The Koh Samui Guide

What are the best things to do on Koh Samui in October?

What’s on in Koh Samui this October? Officially, not a lot. But you’re coming for lazy days, right? Through beach chair observation, I’ve noticed that October is popular with couples, especially those on honeymoon.

The first week of the month welcomes many expats leaving China during National Day holiday week. Blue skies, clean air and friendly people await; you’ll want to head straight to a peaceful beach like Maenam and rediscover quiet.

Any Aussie families on spring break can find a taste of home or crucial sporting fixtures at one of Samui’s various Aussie bars.

Mid-month, any Canadians visiting Koh Samui in October will be looking for their Thanksgiving dinner. Will anybody hear their cries? Probably not – though you might get a nod from an obliging Four Seasons manager, as the hotel is headquartered in Canada. (Worst case? They’ve never heard of Canada? You’re at the Four Seasons ... persevere through your hardship).

The Koh Samui Guide: Call me biased, but with fresh Samui coconuts on offer every day of the year‚ can there really be a bad time to come? Use The Koh Samui Guide to answer all your 'what ifs’, 'how to’s’ and 'where shoulds’, then start planning the many ways you’ll enjoy the sun and rain of any season.

Koh Samui parties in October?

Love Halloween? Thais love any reason to have fun, it doesn’t take a close cultural tie to adopt a holiday. If you want to wear very little and put bunny/mouse/cat ears on top, you’ll find fellow company in Chaweng. Trick or Treating is unlikely, but you stand a chance of finding pumpkin pie at some of the island’s many bakeries.

'Introvert Parties' are easy to find as well – October is fairly quiet on Samui

Is October or November better on Koh Samui?

If 'better' means a higher chance of sun – choose October. November, though statistically much wetter, will probably offer good hotel deals.

Early October at Garrya Tongsai Bay

Is Koh Samui busy in October?

Many people will be warned off by ‘the start of rainy season’ – but not you. October on Koh Samui means the likelihood of excellent weather and the reduced presence (and volume) of school-age children. Sounds like quiet times for a few beach books and a whole lot of coconuts.

An October afternoon at Six Senses Samui

Is Koh Samui or Phuket better in October?

  • Temperature (avg): 27°C on Koh Samui vs 27.5°C in Phuket
  • Sunshine (hours): 6 on Koh Samui vs 7 in Phuket
  • Rainy days (avg): 16 days (290 mm) on Koh Samui vs 23 days (280 mm) in Phuket
  • Sea temperature: 27°C on Koh Samui vs 29°C in Phuket
An October morning at Hansar Samui

What are hotel rates like for Koh Samui in October? How do they compare between October and November?



Between the four hotels, rates range from 98% to 109% comparing October over November. Rates via Booking.com for a random night in October 2023.

Can I swim in the sea on Koh Samui in October?

A roll of the dice (as ocean conditions often are, the world over). All of these photos were taken in October – so conditions vary. You might not want to swim during rougher weather, but it's still a perfect temperature for cocktails and Jenga. And massages. And reading. And learning to cook Thai food. And coconut shakes by the dozen.

Late October on Chaweng Beach

When are sunrise and sunset on Koh Samui in October? What time does it get dark?

6:09 am sunrise and 6:11 pm sunset (on October 1st)

Koh Samui in October

Time travel: Bophut Beach in October 2006

The Koh Samui Guide: Know just what to expect on arrival, where you want to go and – crucially – what to avoid. I even provide the maps. Enjoy!

“This guide ticks all my boxes, it's like chatting to a friend who knows the island inside and out, who wants you to have the best holiday. Love it!” – Victoria

Weather details via Weather Spark, which promises that “snow is exceptionally unlikely to fall at this location in October”.