Koh Samui
July 18, 2019

Romantic things to do on Koh Samui

Make it a perfect holiday for two. If you're coming on vacation as a couple or for your honeymoon, here's what I recommend for romantic things to do on Koh Samui.

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Romantic things to do on Koh Samui

It may have been your idea, or it might have been hers. One way or another, you and the missus are coming to Koh Samui for a holiday, and you have days of uncomplicated, soothing bliss ahead of you. Sure, the simple pleasure of allowing time to saunter on by itself is as pure and enjoyable on Samui as it is anywhere.

But what if you want a head start? A few extra points, say? Whether she's your girlfriend, fiancée or wife (or you're hoping she'll come as one and leave as another – in which case, bon chance, mon frère), consider the following your cheat sheet to relationship harmony while on Samui.

Start here:

1. Total beach bliss

It's a tried-and-tested formula: get comfy on a beach bed (ideally one with food and drink service), then add some interesting characters in a totally addictive beach book.

2. Do the normal stuff ... together

Much of what I consider 'the best of Koh Samui' is perfect to enjoy as a couple. With sunset stunners and tropical flowers everywhere, it's an island that lends itself to romantic vacations.

2. Couples’ massage at Koh Samui spas

Samui was voted the second best destination in Asia for spas in recent TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Awards, so be sure to sample some of the best the world has to offer in terms of prodding and pampering. Many resorts offer packages designed for two – but a spontaneous side-by-side beach message is nice, too. Cheeky masseuses will insist you hold hands (as they cackle presumably filthy things in Thai).

One of the most romantic things to do on Koh Samui? Life is twice as nice at Zazen Spa (a popular honeymoon destination). Actual heaven on earth costs a bit – but your Special Person is worth it, yes? (Say yes).

3. Sunset cruise

Want to take a sunset cruise for two? See your options for day trips, cruises and tours around Samui in The Koh Samui Guide.

4. Beach tennis

Whether you (like Andy Murray and Kim) get competitive at beach tennis... it's a great way to work up a thirst before happy hour.

5. Walking streets

Get dressed up to enjoy dinner, drinks and browsing at one of Samui's many walking streets...

6. Take the spa home

If the spa went down well, why not recreate the experience at home? You might be missing a few things – palm trees, ocean breezes, panoramic views, qualifications – but you might be surprised how easily some tropical scents can transport you back to holiday-land.

Overwhelmed by the choice? Is everything threatening to relax, soothe, calm, refresh, de-stress and otherwise charm and embalm you? You can't go wrong with lemongrass – and the amusingly named dork phud is a surprising winner, too.

7. Photo shoot

Would you love to hire a professional to shoot a series of lasting holiday mementoes (perhaps an engagement?). A number of professional and wedding photographers operate on Samui. As I can't recommend any personally, I suggest researching your own favourite. (Or, if you're far too private, bring a travel tripod and enjoy a photo session of your own).

8. Yoga

Plan to try couples' yoga – private sessions are available for all abilities.

9. Koh Samui sunsets

You have a lot of choice here – both in location and price point.

Tip: Show you're the thoughtful type by remembering mosquito repellent – a must if you're near water around dusk. My absolute favourite, love-it-so-much-I'd-drink-it is a totally natural mosquito repellent and line of repellent magic: The World's Best Mosquito Repellent.

10. Bonus: Not-at-all romantic...

Definitely not a romantic things to do on Koh Samui ... but probably my top recommendation of all. If you or your special friend will soon tire of "being soooo in love", and just want to drink a beer on the beach while laughing harder than you've ever laughed in your life ... bring Cards Against Humanity with you. The game:

  • Is perfect for kick-back beach days
  • Requires zero skill
  • Pairs well with beer

Basically, you’re trying to make your spouse convulse in laughter. Tempting, isn’t it? Technically the game requires 3-4 people but, as a couple, just draw extra cards or make new friends. Everyone around you will be wondering why they’re not having as much fun.An unlikely travel game? Maybe. If its weight (2.2 lbs) puts you off, just split it between two or more suitcases (or leave the box behind). However, if you’re heading to Thailand with nothing but beach time and happy hour on your mind (and you have a healthy sense of humour), I can’t recommend bringing Cards Against Humanity enough.

More questions?

For your total what-where-when-how, just put The Koh Samui Guide in your back pocket and see what takes your collective fancy – whether cooking classes, sailing lessons or exploring the island top to bottom.