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August 12, 2022

How to celebrate Thai Mother's Day

To totally complicate the spoiling-of-your-mummy, Thailand has its own date for Mother's Day, which coincides with Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday on August 12th.

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How to celebrate Mother’s Day on Koh Samui

For reasons I’ll never understand, Mother’s Day is a different date depending on where you are. The UK has a different date from Australia, and the U.S. and Canada are different again from Mexico. To totally complicate the spoiling-of-your-mummy, Thailand has its own date for Mother's Day, which coincides with Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday on August 12th.

Mother’s Day on Koh Samui
SALA Samui Choeng Mon Beach

How to celebrate Mother's Day on Koh Samui?

First, choose your date. 2023 Mother's Day dates, by country:

  • UK: March 19
  • U.S., Canada, Australia and much of Europe: May 14
  • Thailand: August 12

Given the three calendar options, it remains to be seen whether your hotel or resort will be celebrating Mother’s Day on Koh Samui the same day as you. Let’s assume not, and help you to plan a memorable day of your own invention. Luckily, Samui stands for sunshine and relaxation so it won’t take much on your part (or dad’s part) to come up with something special. Below, find tips for how to celebrate Mother's Day on Koh Samui, plus ideas for travel-inspired Mother's Day gifts. Enjoy!

Where to stay for Mother's Day

SALA Samui Choeng Mon Beach
My pick: SALA Samui Choeng Mon Beach

Easy answer? Mother's Day breakfast in bed at SALA Samui Choeng Mon Beach. A great formula for a memorable Mother’s Day on Koh Samui is much the same as anywhere: a delicious and very lazy breakfast that extends to brunch, perhaps some flowers, and a relaxing day (in the sunshine) with family.

More family hotel ideas

Tip: Of the four hotel suggestions, Melia Koh Samui is the newest – it had the good fortune to open exactly 3 seconds before the pandemic. It's the reinvention of Choeng Mon's Imperial Boat House and a redesign of the original boat-shaped pool now makes more use of the area. Its beachfront pool 2.0 features a mini water park and lots of shallow-entry spots for lounging. There’s also a 24-hour gym and a kids’ club.

How to celebrate Mother’s Day on Koh Samui

Zazen Boutique Resort
The incredible spa at Zazen Boutique Resort

Koh Samui Mother’s Day brunch

With an eagle eye and good timing, you might see mention of special Mother’s Day hotel brunches where all-you-can-eat spreads include canapés, oysters, and perhaps champagne. Nice indeed, but nothing you can’t match with a little planning of your own. The Koh Samui Guide offers great ideas for dressier brunches and lunches (if that’s your style). Or simply head to the beach for eggs, bacon, banana pancakes and a fresh coconut. Champion!

Where to buy flowers on Koh Samui?

Just because you’re in unfamiliar territory doesn’t mean you can’t completely ace a Koh Samui Mother’s Day. Rack up some points with some gorgeous tropical flowers; finding them on Koh Samui is easier than breathing. If you’d like a bouquet of some stunning tropical colour, make a discreet inquiry with your hotel or resort’s concierge a day or two prior. If the World’s Best Mummy loves orchids, stop by one of Koh Samui’s many fantastic garden centres and choose a potted orchid in her favourite colour. Even though you’ll have to leave it behind, you can be sure it will find a happy home with housekeeping or elsewhere in the resort.

Orchids for sale at a Koh Samui garden centre

Orchids for sale at a Koh Samui garden centre

Where to buy presents?

As for little presents, there’s plenty worthwhile on Koh Samui besides the offerings at your hotel gift shop. For maximum emotional impact you can, with a few days’ notice, arrange a custom-made piece of jewellery, perhaps something with your children’s names or initials, and/or a gemstone particular to Thailand? For more great shopping tips, don’t miss the best things to buy in Thailand.

Koh Samui Mother's Day activities

While your itinerary will depend on your children’s ages and your family’s idea of a good time, why not spend Mother’s Day doing the Koh Samui activity or excursion she's most looking forward to?

Spa and yoga options: If you’re a family with children over age 12, your lucky lady might love some extended time with them at a pre-arranged spa. Some spas do offer treatments for little kids, too. Or, consider an indulgent session of afternoon yoga.

Thai cooking class: A Thai cooking class at a Samui hotel will likely require advanced booking but would suit a foodie-mama and her kids (typically age 12+, though some hotels have options for younger children).

Family photos: Families of any age might consider booking a special photo shoot with an island photographer.

Island road trip: Use The Koh Samui Guide to plan the perfect island-style Mother’s Day. Hire a car and enjoy an unplanned day of island exploration.

Mother’s Day on Koh Samui

Whether your Koh Samui Mother’s Day is in March, May, August, or another date entirely, dreams and schemes for a relaxing, indulgent and memorable day together are easily accomplished on an island geared for all of the above. Enjoy!

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