Electrolyte Drink Tablets

A crucial item in my “won’t leave home without” kit. These electrolyte drink tablets are made for athletes but I find them indispensable for my most un-athletic moments: doing nothing but melting in the hotter points of Thailand’s climate. I drink one on the plane in a bid to stay hydrated and avoid jet-lag, and then one per day in Thailand to make sure all my salty-electrolyte-y stuff stays in check in Thai heat.

Bonus: Add one to a hangover, and be … not quite amazed, but certainly grateful.

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Hot weather health: It’s really easy to dehydrate if you’re not used to Thailand’s climate – be careful! Make sure you’re replenishing yourself with the salty/mineral concoctions that you need

Electrolytes: Each tube of Nuun electrolyte drink tablets has 10 tablets within, and I try to drink one tab daily when it’s #$@&%*! hot in Thailand – especially if I’ve been active or walked around all day. (Fresh coconuts are good, too).

Exercising: Since becoming An Actual Athlete during quarantine, I’ve added Nuun tabs to my home workouts as well – as always, strawberry-lemonade is my favourite.

In-flight: Nuun tabs are great to drink in-flight as well – I always keep a tube in my carry-on and chug a bottle on any layover.

Hangovers: Have I used Nuun alleviate hangovers? Indeed.

Nuun Tips: Give your Nuun tab about five minutes to fully dissolve or you’ll just drink a frothy batch of powder. You can also dissolve it in advance – just add it to your water bottle in the morning and chuck it in your mini-fridge to enjoy cold later. The tabs are scored down the middle so they’re easy to break in half and add to a regular-sized water bottle. I’ve tried a lot of the flavours and prefer strawberry-lemonade above all.

Travel tip: Add a foam roller water bottle and you’re ready to (literally) roll.

*This post includes affiliate links*

Links may include affiliates. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. What does this mean? To you – business-as-usual, not a whole lot. To me – I receive a small commission on any resulting purchases at no cost to the consumer.

Electrolyte Drink TabletsElectrolyte Drink TabletsElectrolyte Drink Tablets

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