100% Linen Button-Down

Hands down – linen is the BEST fabric to pack for Thailand. At home, it’s ideal when you want to look decently put-together but it’s humid as #$@&. This French linen shirt is 100% linen (not a blend) and the sleeves roll up easily when you’re hot and roll down when you want the sun protection.

Bonus: linen shirts tend to fit slightly over-sized (‘boyfriend’ fit for women) – hot days are so much more comfortable when you have breathing room. Throw in a dual-voltage travel steamer and you’re ready to roll!

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How to stay as comfortable as possible in a tropical climate like Thailand? Linen! Every day! This is probably our best tip for what to wear in Thailand: linen. Try packing at least one linen shirt – maybe three or four – my guess is you’ll live in it for your entire trip.

Linen: I really recommend wearing a majority of linen in Thailand (find out why). In fact, I pack nothing but linen – head to toe.

Dress code: This linen button-down not only suits a humid, tropical climate because it’s really breathable – it also offers the perfect amount of coverage for Thailand’s dress code (which is slightly more modest than the West).

Pack a travel steamer! Of course, linen does crease but a travel steamer fixes that in 10 seconds flat. I have this dual-voltage travel steamer: it plugs straight into Thai plugs (no adapter needed) – just fill it up in the bathroom sink, let it heat up for a minute and steam any crease to oblivion (it gets addictive). For crinkled linen or just refreshing things for another wear, I use my steamer every day in Thailand.

*This post includes affiliate links*

Links may include affiliates. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. What does this mean? To you – business-as-usual, not a whole lot. To me – I receive a small commission on any resulting purchases at no cost to the consumer.

100% Linen Button-Down100% Linen Button-Down

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