Yoga Sling Sandals

In terms of comfiness, these yoga sling sandals mean you’ll: (A) walk upon an extra-squooshy yoga mat that’s (B) strapped to your feet with a t-shirt. Can happy feet get happier? While there are a few tricks to picking the right shoes for Thailand – these puppies are perfect for all sorts of itineraries: enjoying your resort, relaxing after a tough trek or backpacking session, and so on. If they’re on your feet, I’m jealous.

Bonus: The brand ‘Sanuk‘, loosely, means ‘fun’ in Thai.

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Yoga Sling Sandals

Tip: Your feet will swell in Thailand’s heat. How much is anyone’s guess – but expect particularly puffy feet after a long flight and then “a bit bigger than usual” for the rest of your trip. Any shoes or sandals that you try on in a temperate climate is unlikely to fit the same when you put it on in Thailand – so your sandals need to adjust as needed. Soft and stretchy yoga sling sandals are perfectly suited to the task.

If your itinerary will be a loop of hotel – beach – pool – spa – food/drink – repeat, these will be your most convenient shoes for Thailand. They’ll get you places comfortably, and will keep you cool while doing so.

The footbeds are made from yoga mats (and are sooo comfy).

For comfort and quality, I favour Sanuk sandals. They last forever and – crucially – they don’t get hot when left in the sun. If you need something that’s just as comfy but a little more water resistant, consider these universal sandals.

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Links may include affiliates. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. What does this mean? To you – business-as-usual, not a whole lot. To me – I receive a small commission on any resulting purchases at no cost to the consumer.

Yoga Sling SandalsYoga Sling Sandals