October 2, 2023

What’s the best makeup for Thailand?

Taking "less is more" as your perpetual adage for makeup in tropical weather, here are my best tips, one product at a time

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What's the best makeup for tropical weather?

I wrote myself some ‘guinea pig’ notes on a recent 38°C scorcher in Thailand (100.4°F) and had this to say about blush: “Hahahahaha. My entire face is blush.” On such a hot day, it’s not worth trying with makeup: just give up and melt as gracefully as possible. Taking "less is more" as your perpetual adage for makeup in tropical weather, here are my best tips, one product at a time.

Cruelty-free, totally natural & tested myself

As in the best toiletries for Thailand, every product below is 100% cruelty-free (no animal testing). I’ve tried them nearly all of them personally, bought myself as a normal customer – no freebies – during the hottest weather I’ve ever known on Koh Samui.

1. Start with sunscreen

I pack: Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

I've always hated wearing sunscreen on my face – it feels like it's cooking me alive. I 'discovered' two favourite brands – SuperGoop! and COOLA Suncare in a hotel gift shop and have never looked back: their products keep my skin happy (and delight my crazy dog lady animal conscience: no animal testing!). For Thailand, or anywhere in the tropics, you're so close to the equator you really want to use a high SPF – I don't go below SPF 30. If it's extra hot and you'll likely be sweating, avoid anything with a tint.

2. Don't forget your lips

I pack: Jack Black SPF Lip Balm

Sticking with "less is more", I typically just pack a tinted lip-gloss and then lose it at the bottom of my carry-on before I arrive. Worth more of a hunt when MIA is my Jack Black SPF Lip Balm – remember that your lips are the thinnest skin on your body and need protecting. Jack Black offers products in various flavours – I like the mint one best.

3. Lip and cheek colour

I pack: RMS Beauty Signature Set

In Thailand, you’re glowy to start with – less is more. The benefit of some subtle cream products, over a darker bronzer or blush, is that you won't notice if it sweats off. Excepting exceptionally hot days, for most of the year in Thailand (and particularly at night) I find these RMS products perform beautifully in hot weather and really suit a tan. Cream makeup products like these are your only chance of a happy result – powder blush plus high humidity looks like you've tried to turn yourself into paste.

How does RMS Beauty makeup work in hot, tropical weather?

I Googled this myself before visiting Thailand as a newly minted RMS Beauty Fanatic. Its main ingredient is coconut oil and I dreaded a liquid disaster. As it turns out, the RMS makeup pots are absolutely fine in hot weather. Certainly, they’re a little softer, but I prefer this as they’re easier to blend. Proof? I accidentally left them in full Thai sun, at noon, and I can confirm: they don’t melt and they don’t turn into liquid. Can't say the same for me.

4. Mascara and eye makeup

I pack: Avocado Waterproof Mascara

As for actual makeup, let's start with waterproof mascara as it's your best chance for 100% success at any tropical temperature. I've tried many natural mascaras that fail in spectacular racoon-style in the muggy heat. When tropical humidity combines with sweat – you absolutely need waterproof mascara.

For eyeliner, a smudge-proof kohl eye pencil mostly stays put on a typically humid Thai day. No surprise that semi-permanent eyeliner and eyebrow tattoos are popular with some beauty-conscious Thai women. BareMinerals seems to be the answer with a natural, but long-lasting eyeliner. I haven't tried it yet but will be interested in how it compares to the likes of Ilia Beauty eyeliner in tropical weather (mega fail). Another option? Sunglasses or face-down for a Thai massage.

5. Brow makeup

I pack: KUSH Fiber Brow Gel

Wax or gel-based products will last better than powder in heat – but use a light touch. You might prefer a clear product that, as with sunscreen, won't show if it starts to slide.

6. Foundation and cover-up makeup

I pack: “Un” Cover-Up Concealer

Drinking as much water (and coconut water) as Thailand's tropical climate requires, likely, your skin will be its happiest anyway. As such, I never feel much makeup coverage is necessary in Thailand. Certainly, full-face foundation will become your own Shroud of Turin in no time. Starting with a clean, moisturised face in a cool room, I just use a few dabs of RMS “un” cover-up on Jetlag Zombie days or a slightly fuller coverage for a dressier destination requiring actual effort. At night, when it’s a little cooler, you might have better luck with the same makeup application you'd use at home – but my guess is you'll try it once and then not bother for the rest of your trip.

7. Diminishing ‘the glow’

I pack: Bamboo Charcoal Blotting Paper

On a typical day in a hot and tropical place like Thailand, foundation will slide/sweat off your face in exactly three seconds out the door. Rather than adding makeup, first, focus on subtracting your "OMG I'm melting" glow. For this: blotting sheets, on the hour every hour. (Remember to reapply sunscreen as you go).

8. Fresh face wipes

I pack: Essential Face Wipes

In the same vein, these natural face wipes serve various functions on a tropical vacation – use them while flying, when you're jet-lagged and can't be bothered to wash your face, when you realise it's really, really hot here ...

9. Powder (not paste)

I pack: RMS Beauty “Un” Powder

Can't be parted from powder? I love RMS "Un" Powder because it’s breathable in hot and humid tropical weather. Of course, it doesn't last long when you find yourself in strong sun (but I take that as a healthy cue to seek shade and a cold drink). However, it does work well at night when it's slightly cooler. If you're dressing up for dinner or to go out, expect its near-full cooperation. You’ll want untinted, translucent powder – it won't stain your clothes if/when it decides to slide off your skin.

Tip: Beauty experts caution against reapplying powder on top of powder too many times (“cakey”) – instead, try blotting paper (metioned above). Or, give up and go for a swim.

Recap: The best makeup for Thailand

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