Koh Samui
April 1, 2023

Koh Samui's jellyfish petting zoo

Marvel at their ethereal glow. Wonder at their rhythmic undulations. Flee their excruciating grasp. There's nothing quite like the silky caress of a jellyfish…

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Koh Samui's Jellyfish Petting Zoo

There's nothing quite like the silky caress of a jellyfish, but up until now, high insurance premiums have been a real obstacle to getting nature's most gelatinous animal in real, controlled, commercial contact with paying holidaymakers.

Jellyfish exhibits

Finally, Koh Samui has become home to the world's first (as far as we know) Jellyfish Petting Zoo. Come with your children in tow, and leave with a healthy respect for nature. Among the jellyfish represented are:

  • the Portuguese Man O' War with its boyish good looks,
  • the charmingly named Flower Hat jellyfish (which would make a great flower but a very painful hat), and,
  • the mostly white Purple Striped jellyfish.

Koh Samui's Jellyfish Petting Zoo is certainly a welcome addition to the island, and we would like to extend a tentacle of congratulations to the hard-working team behind it who finally got their dream off the ground!

Gift shop

The Petting Zoo also features a small gift shop selling souvenirs and anti-inflammatories for treating the otherworldly pain.

Opening times

Open year round except between 2 April and 31 March. We recommend a morning visit, in order to leave your day open for Koh Samui's First Annual Full Sun Party – starting at noon sharp.

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