November 3, 2021

How to make a Thai pineapple shake

If you’ve spent time in Thailand, you already know the country's signature concoction: the pineapple shake. Here's how to make one at home.

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Thai-style pineapple shake recipe

There's an easy answer to the grey days of home – and it comes from a blender. Enter the pineapple shake.

Pineapple Shake Recipe: How to Make a Pineapple Shake (Thai-Style)

We can't *sugar-coat* it. Pineapple shakes in Thailand taste amazing because they use (A) perfectly fresh pineapple and (B) a ton of sugar. You can get passable results avoiding one of the above, but probably not both. So – how to make a pineapple shake?

Ingredients and equipment

First, gather your pineapple equipment and then quickly to bring your shake to life. Using a strong blender, blend the following to oblivion:

1. Fresh pineapple

Pineapple Shake Recipe: How to Make a Pineapple Shake (Thai-Style)

Fresh pineapple is ideal, however, quality frozen stuff will definitely suffice. Just avoid the canned stuff in sugar syrup. Approx 1 cup per shake.

Pineapple ninja skills: If you've never tackled a fresh pineapple (and don't want to cut it up the Thai way), a pineapple-corer means mega business.

2. Ice

Feel free to skip the ice if you're using frozen pineapple, otherwise add a handful of ice cubes per serving.

3. A strong blender

How strong? Ideally, one that doesn't make scary noises when you add ice. Blending the above ingredients in a Vitamix for about thirty seconds offers a pineapple shake that you don't have to chew.

4. Sweetener (coconut syrup) – optional

Sugar syrup will make your pineapple shake authentically Thai but you can certainly you can skip the extra sugar if you're a determined, healthy sort.

5. Tropical novelty – optional!

Ever-so-optional novelty cocktail picks and absurd tropical straws: palm trees, flamingos and umbrellas.

Pineapple Shake Recipe: How to Make a Pineapple Shake (Thai-Style)

Word of warning: Once you've lived on fresh pineapple shakes – you can never go back to canned. Why not make a pineapple shake today, bringing your next Thai holiday that much closer? Enjoy!

What to blend next?

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