Koh Samui
December 5, 2022

How to enjoy a rainy day on Koh Samui

There are tons of things to do in Koh Samui when it rains – and most of them are ideal for the lazy, relaxing “stuff of Thai vacation dreams”.

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Koh Samui rainy day activities

Have you awoken to a rainy day on Koh Samui, or has a storm cloud just rolled across your sun-bed? Don’t worry – this could still be your favourite day of your trip. Really.

If you haven't left for Thailand yet

If you’re reading this before leaving for Thailand, (A) wow, you’re prepared and (B) so am I.

Perfect weather prep

Make sure you know what to expect of Koh Samui’s weather in the month you’re coming. If rain is typical, pack some rainy season clothing essentials. Oh, and don’t forget your mosquito repellent!

Bring your own rainy day activities

Then, more than anything, make sure to bring rainy-day entertainment that can out-last any island power cuts. Consider easy-to-pack activities like Uno, Kindle books, Cards Against Humanity (see activity #10, below), plus activity kits and travel games for any applicable children. Right … on to saving your rainy day!

Rainy day preamble

1. Some good news.

Koh Samui is a hilly little island with lots of micro-climates. If it’s safe to do so (as in ‘normal’ rain, no flooding), you can often rent a car and drive to another part of the island to find your sunshine. There's nothing I love more than sitting on Bophut Beach and watching a storm wallop Koh Phangan … storm schadenfreude = pure bliss.

2. What kind of rain are we dealing with?

“Little bitty stingin’ rain”, “big ol’ fat rain” or “rain that flies in sideways”? Some of the rainy day activity suggestions below are perfect for a short storm, but aren’t recommended during extended periods of heavy rain (like in Koh Samui's rainy season), due to the small chance of flooding.

If it's really raining, and has been for some time, avoid all "intrepid exploration". It won't end well. Reputable tour companies will cancel activities if very bad weather makes them unsafe.

3. No self pity

Rain in the tropics is incredible – you’re about to star in your own Herbal Essences commercial. Outside of Koh Samui’s rainy season, the island's rain usually comes as short and frantic tropical storms that last just an hour or two. If you’re reading this in July or August, that’s especially likely. With few exceptions, your vacation is not ruined. Promise!

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Koh Samui rainy day activities

Whether you're coming to Samui during its rainy season, or meet some soggy weather for a day or two of your trip - here are a few activity ideas to best enjoy (or completely forget about) Koh Samui rain. You'll need some loose-fitting clothes: I'm about to assign food and beverage homework. Certainly, a day of Koh Samui rain demands a slower pace. No matter what the weather, many of these activities will be a relaxing part of your holiday.

Tip: I don't recommend visiting Big Buddha when it's raining as the steep, tiled steps are very slippery when wet.

1. Actually relax

You've come on vacation to relax and be lazy, right? Well, here's your chance. If your hotel room has an insane bathtub situation, check your room service menu – lots of Thai hotels offer "bath-drawing services" with bubbles, magic potions and the whole nine yards. Or, curl up with your iPad in your closest outdoor living room – most Samui hotels have a handful of secret spots.

Got a good view? Get comfy and watch the storm clouds from your bed. Maybe hop on FaceTime with long-neglected friends, get bingey with your Netflix watch-list or actually write actual postcards to your people at home. Back in the real world, many island restaurants & cafés offer WiFi, giving you every opportunity to add breakfast with bacon to your plans.

2. Samui spa day

Samui is rightly known as ‘the best spa destination in Southeast Asia.’ Heed the call of “hello, massaaaage” and submit to the sublime. Indulge your inner brat at any of Samui's famous spas. In rainy season, when the island is relatively quiet, you can usually get appointments at no notice.

Tip: If the weather forecast looks bad in busy periods (especially Christmas/New Year), you'll want to book in advance.

3. Watch a perfect movie

Consider your rainy Koh Samui day the most indulgent Saturday you've ever dreamed of – and chance to enjoy the hotel room you spent so long choosing. Get comfy in bed, perhaps order room service, and watch a movie that's perfectly suited to the weather outside: lots of lashing palm fronds and tropical mayhem. Koh Samui's WiFi speeds are pretty good, so you can choose a movie and stream/download to watch right away. Build your pillow fort and snuggle in!

Movies with amazing rain scenes

Movies set or filmed in Thailand

Movies with *lots* of tropical

Scary shark movies (in shark-free Samui)

4. Foot massage

Reflexologists will easily pinpoint your troubles & ease any pain away. An hour of this heaven costs about 300-400 THB (US$8-12) at any beach town massage shop.

5. Eat two breakfasts... two lunches...

Most Koh Samui restaurants, including those on the beach, have rain screens. Consider precipitation an invitation to gluttony, and rain is no longer a hardship. With nowhere else to be, your day unfolds at a leisurely pace.

6. Get a new suit

I've posted my 'buyer beware' story about Koh Samui tailors – but to each their own.

7. Take a Thai cooking class

Your hotel likely offers a cooking class, and many include kid-friendly options. Or, discover my favourites in The Koh Samui Guide.

8. Learn to carve fruit

Once you can make a mean pad Thai, try your hand at Thai fruit carving lessons.

9. Read stacks of books

Get comfortable and deservedly indulge. These are the very best books about Thailand, including some superb novels set in Thailand and wonderful memoirs.

10. Unleash your inner horrible person

Have an Uno afternoon, or, better yet, an irreverent and side-splitting game of Cards Against Humanity.

11. Your $5 solution

A trip to one of Samui's movie theatres could fill a rainy afternoon. Seeing a movie at a theatre in Thailand can be just as cultural an experience as visiting a night market.

12. A nice yoga session

Put on something comfortable, and enjoy some Koh Samui yoga. A wide range of options is available on the island for all interests and skill levels.

13. Pineapple v. Coconut

Settle the matter, once and for all. Do you prefer pineapple shakes? Or coconut shakes. Perhaps with some Koh Samui rum? Maybe it's no contest – you'd rather have Thai beer. Happy hour starts early when it's raining!

14. Puppy party

Saving the best for last? Koh Samui's only animal shelter, Dog and Cat Rescue Samui always needs volunteers for any length of time. You're very welcome to drop in for just a few hours – no experience needed – and play with puppies. (Or cats ... if you're one of those people). I recommend wearing scruffy clothes you don't mind getting dirty, bringing bottled water and wearing tons of mosquito repellent.

More questions?

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